Celebrate & support quality produce from great butchers

The art of butchery was almost lost not that long ago… to ‘convenience’ i.e. supermarkets.

But thanks to some butchers around the country popping back up in local towns and villages.

And with local support, we ‘re seeing an understanding of the importance of them.

May they continue to thrive!

Celebrate National Butchers’ Week

It runs from March 8 – 14th.

And is a great opportunity to remind ourselves about the great quality meat available at your local butcher or local sourcing online butcher.

The National Butchers’ Week highlights the great work being done by butchers from around the UK.

They have a load of things going on including butchery competitions and sausage competitions.

So, I thought, I’d do a little round-up of all the things I’ve learnt in the past 12 mths about meat, sustainability and home butchery

Because, there really is an art to butchery and it’s worth giving it a go.

Plus, I’ve thrown in some recipes I love.

Know your cuts: Lamb

It’s almost in season again, so make sure you read up on this.

  • How to choose the right cuts
  • Know your terms
  • Cooking your lamb

Visit the full post… Know your cuts: Lamb

Plus, check out a couple of my favourite recipes, including:

lamb recipe
A beautiful leg of lamb ready for a slow cook

Learn the golden rules of freezing & storing meat

The golden rules of freezing & storing meat includes:

  • Tips to freezing meat
  • A quick guide to the maximum time you should store fresh meat in your fridge.
  • A quick guide to the maximum time your meat should be in the freezer.

Visit the full post… The golden rules of freezing & storing meat

The art of butchery I: How to spatchcock a chicken

Learn this simple technique to jazz up your chicken repertoire

And truly understand the art of butchery while giving it a go.

Plus, check out some of my favourite recipes, including:

Visit… How to spatchcock a chicken

The art of butchery II: Jointing a whole chicken

Don’t be afraid to joint!

A step-by-step guide on how to joint a chicken

And a perfect way to make your chicken go further with no waste!

Visit the full post with step-by-step pictures of jointing a whole chicken.

And check out top tips on stretching your chicken meals with, How to make a whole chicken last a week

Organic, free-range, indoor, corn-fed… what do I buy?

What’s the difference?

This is an interesting post I researched to uncover the different farming methods/living conditions of chickens.

Plus, how they market these to us… and do we really know what we’re buying?

Visit the full post to get to grips with how to ensure you’re buying quality, higher-welfare chickens… Organic, free-range, indoor, corn-fed…What do I buy?

Sustainable farming, the climate, animal welfare

It’s a minefield but it can’t be ignored.

This is some research I did a while back on the big issue surrounding climate and farming.

And I discovered it’s a very complex issue.

But, it definitely re-enforced with me, the importance of knowing where your food comes from and acting on that knowledge.

That is, maybe I spend a little more, but at least I know, that the quality is second-to-none.

The animals are cared for.

And the farmers are doing their best to look after the land and the planet.

Visit the full post, here… Sustainable farming, the climate, animal welfare