Learn this simple technique to jazz up your chicken repertoire


  • Knife or large kitchen scissors

Spatchcock or butterfly chicken

It’s pretty simple really.

It’s removing the backbone so your chicken can lie completely flat.

This means the cooking time reduces significantly and can be cooked under a grill or pan frying as well


Before you begin prep the chicken.

Remove any neck parts and gizzards and keep to freeze for a homemade stock.

Place the chicken, breast-side down, on a cutting board.

Remove the neck & gizzards out. Place the chicken breast side down and wings away from you.

Step 1: Cutting along the backbone

Cut along the right of the backbone from the tail to the neck.

Using a knife or kitchen scissors, cut up the side of the back bone.

Step 2: Cut the other side

Remove the backbone and freeze this future chicken stock (or discard).

Remove the backbone and use for stock.

Step 3: Breaking the breastbone

Flatten the bird by pressing down on each of the wings, at the same time until the bone cracks.

Press down on the chicken.

Step 4 (optional): Removing the wing tips

Snip the tips of the wings off and add to your stock bones for the freezer.

The only reason to snip the ends off is because they often burn.

Step 5: Et voila, spatchcock chicken!

Now season and cook – check out my Peri Peri chicken recipe this Thursday.

Ready for the oven!

This is a super simple skill and a great way to mix up some chicken recipes to keep the family happy.

Drop me a line if you have any other great tips or skills we should learn.