One of the healthiest whole foods you can eat

[this is a sponsored post… but chickpeas are worth trying!]

Chickpeas are a popular source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

And a cheap way of bulking out meals when you’re on a budget.

They are packed with iron, zinc and magnesium and plenty of fibre, which means they are a welcome addition to any plate.

However, many people find chickpeas to be a little bit bland and boring, which puts them off eating these healthy pulses.

I totally understand this – pulses can be bland if you don’t do anything special with them.

However, I know that chickpeas can be a truly wonderful addition to any plate if you treat them right.

That’s why I’ve created what I think is one of, if not the best, chickpea recipes that you’ll ever taste.

And it is so easy to make.

By using flavorful ingredients like onions, garlic and salt.

The humble chickpea is elevated to new levels of loveliness.

So if you have not enjoyed chickpeas in the past.

Or you’ve never even thought of trying them before.

Then I would suggest that you give them one more chance by trying out the recipe below.

The best chickpeas you’ll ever eat

This recipe is deceptively simple.

Once you have tried this recipe, you’ll want to add them to your regular repertoire as a healthy side or snack thanks to the winning combination of garlic, olive oil and lemon that is simply irresistible.


  • 16 ounces dried chickpeas, soaked overnight and drained
  • 8 cloves of garlic, crushes
  • 1 onion, sliced thinly
  • zest of 2 lemons
  • 80 mls best olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper to taste


1. Mix chickpeas with all of the other ingredients (except pepper) in a big pot with a pinch of salt. Add 1.8 litres of water and stir vigorously until all ingredients are well combined.

2. Bring the pan to a boil and turn the heat down to a low simmer. Stir occasionally and top up the water as it evaporates. Cook until tender (about 2 hours).

3. Add salt and pepper liberally to taste, or if you like them spicy, you could sub the pepper for red chilli flakes. Leave to cool.

4. If you are not eating immediately, once cool. Place chickpeas in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator for a maximum of 6 days.

So, there you have it.

The best chickpeas that you will ever eat.

And they’re so versatile, you can serve them with rice and spicy tomato sauces as part of a main veggie meal.

Eat them on their own as a healthy snack.

Or serve them as a side with grilled marinated chicken or tofu.

And they will not only add heaps of flavour but also plenty of protein and lots of extra vitamins and minerals.

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Photo by Kyle Killam from Pexels