[How to enjoy a healthy (& delicious) BBQ is a contributed post]

You have Tips to become a legend at the BBQ.

But now you need some ideas on how to make your BBQ healthy.

The perfect grilling sensation does not just start and end at being able to perfectly cook your burgers, steaks and sausage.

Or have everything ready at the same time.

True BBQ aficionados, or indeed anyone passionate about cooking, understand that versatility and variety are the spice of life.

As much as everyone loves to bite into the juiciest burger you’ll ever find.

You also need to consider how to make your BBQ healthy while still ensuring deliciousness.

And the good news is that you don’t have to make many (if any) sacrifices. 

How to enjoy a healthy (& delicious) BBQ

Invest in an efficient grill 

The BBQ does not exist without a grill; this is something you already know.

But have you considered that your current grill could be the reason your food is not as healthy as it could be?

Grilling food too close to the coals can increase the presence of carcinogens, which occur when the food burns.

Likewise, dripping fat will further increase carcinogens so place a tray underneath to catch excess fat and grease.

As well as your BBQ has served you throughout the years, it could be time to upgrade to something like the Kamado Joe BBQ.

Which could revolutionize your grilling experience.

While still maintaining that deliciousness everyone craves. 

The lean dream 

No matter where you go, meat (whether red or white) is a staple of a successful BBQ.

However, this same meat could add unnecessary fat to your diet.

And you likely already know about the cholesterol problems that can come from consuming too much.

So, if you want to make your BBQ-ing a little healthier, you can look for a leaner alternative.

Beef, turkey, and lamb are all possible options, and you can probably find lean versions of these wherever you get your meat from. 

Don’t just go for traditional meats 

Speaking of picking the perfect meat for your grill.

You could also look at alternative ingredients for your grill.

Sure, steak, sausages, and wings are all staples.

But mixing things up and choosing fish (such as salmon) or even adding some vegetables to your kebabs will do wonders for making the entire meal healthy without sacrificing flavour. 

Add some flavour 

As much as the smoky BBQ flavour is something that causes mouths all over the country to salivate like there’s no tomorrow.

You can take this a step further.

Slathering your meat and veggies with healthy marinades and rubs can enhance the flavour profile in ways you never thought possible.

And experienced grillers will already know this.

But suppose you’re hosting your first-ever BBQ for friends and family, this approach could be what crowns you as undisputed BBQ royalty within your group. 

Healthy and delicious

Healthy and delicious food need not be mutually exclusive.

And it’s well established that anything tastes better after coming off a scorching, flaming grill.

If you want to enjoy your BBQ the way you always have done.

But also think about cutting down on fatty ingredients, these ideas will help you achieve the perfect BBQ for all diets. 

I hope you got some valuable info from ‘How to enjoy a healthy (& delicious) BBQ’.

Now we just need summer to turn up!