2022! Fresh new year, fresh new start so what’s in season: January?

And still, lot’s of winter, warming seasonal food to be enjoyed.

Locally sourced

So, we all know eating locally sourced food is really the way forward.

Or actually, it’s the way back because this is what we used to do until globalisation.

Not only is it better for our planet by shortening the supply chain.

It’s also good for us.

A few reasons why eating in season is good

Economical: eating fruit and veg when there are loads of it means it will be sold cheaper than in the off-season

Health benefits: food that is in season contain the nutrients and minerals that our bodies need at a particular time of year.

e.g. butternut squash and apples are in season in autumn/winter – they are packed with vitamin so help keep away horrid winter colds.

Tastes better: which makes obvious sense. Mass-produced produce tends to suffer from a lack of flavour. Large commercial farms are about volume and often they are adapted to look uniformed and have a better shelf life so flavour slides.

What’s in season: January

Vegetables Beetroot
Brussels Sprouts
Jerusalem artichokes
Truffles (black)
[Available most months in good condition: broccoli, button mushrooms, carrots, maincrop potatoes, onions, rocket]
MeatDuck, guinea fowl, hare, mallard, partridge, turkey, venison
Always available in good condition: beef, chicken, pork, rabbit, farmed venison, wood pigeon.

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Reference: PennyGoLightly